I began expressing myself through painting in various mediums and genres about 10 years ago.  Acrylics are my primary resource. I enjoy the challenges painting brings into my life as well as the diversity to express myself.  Since my first stroke painting became a way to free myself of limitations in my daily life.  It's been a journey that I am grateful to be able to explore.  In the past 2 years I've begun working with glass bead gel, glow in the dark techniques, textures and gloss finish.  My journey is evolving and the paintings are ever changing.  The paintings shown below are all part of a new series I'm working on.  I have other work available.  Contact me via email for canvas size, price, technique information and to purchase any available works.  I can also do commissioned works and series.  The pictures shown sadly don't display the full paintings or titles.  Feel free to email me.  

Starting December 2017 I will have a new line of products available.  Utilizing these poured acrylics I've created note cards, stationary, mouse pads, mugs and more.  I'm really excited to be able to offer my artwork on great items used daily.  For further information feel free to email me at: amyfisheralterimagestudios@gmail.com